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The Cupertino Union School District is proud to offer the Yosemite Outdoor Education experience to our 8th-grade students. 

This program provides 

  • access to parts of the Yosemite National Park little known by visitors; 

  • unique experiences and exercises designed to push students out of their comfort zones physically, socially and emotionally;

  • opportunities and encouragement for introspection that are all-too-rare in our plugged-in society; and 

  • respect for and reliance on all teammates, many of whom are not part of their usual peer group.

This year we anticipate continued support for close to 2000 students.  The program for each school site starts on Sunday morning and ends with the students return on Friday evening for a 6-day, 5-night program.

The cost of the Yosemite Program per child is $944.

More information about fees and the program will be shared in the fall.