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Maintenance & Operations 

The Maintenance and Operations (M&O) department provides facilities management, general maintenance and repair, custodial support, gardening/landscaping, and pest management. Our mission is to continually ensure safe, clean, and well maintained campuses for students and staff.

Dana Ino, Director
408-252-3000 extension 61-493 

Jason Bocanegra, Manager
408-252-3000 extension 61-366

Purchasing & Warehouse 

The mission of this department is three-fold: 

  1. To ensure that the goods and services necessary for the District's operations are obtained at competitive prices;
  2. To guarantee fairness in the selection of vendors and to put more tax dollars into education while providing the savings, service, and solutions supporting the achievements and success of every student and teacher in the District; and
  3. To obtain goods, services, and construction for public purposes according to laws and procedures intended to provide for the economical expenditures of public funds. 

Dana Ino, Director
408-252-3000 extension 61-493 

Mike McCloskey, Purchasing Analyst
408-252-3000 extension 61-403

Eric Nguyen, Buyer
408-252-3000 extension 61-402