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Fiscal Services

The Fiscal Services Department is responsible for maintaining and recording the District’s daily financial transactions. It generates the District's interim budget reports and year-end annual financial report that provide information regarding the District’s financial operations, and ensures compliance with Federal, state and local regulations, California Education Codes, and District policies and procedures.

The Fiscal Services Department is comprised of the following business functions that support the District’s instructional goals and daily financial activities: budgetary development and oversight, general accounting, accounts payable/receivable, cash management/reconciliation, and parcel tax exemptions.

***If you have any questions regarding outstanding invoices or payments, please email us or call us at (408) 252-3000 extension 61-417.

Tina Bernal, Director
408-252-3000 extension 61-412

Cheryl Berggren, Senior Accountant
408-252-3000 extension 61-415

Ginny Sung, Senior Budget Analyst
408-252-3000 extension 61-421