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Purchasing & Warehouse

Mission Statement 

  • Ensure that goods and services necessary for the operation of the District are obtained at competitive prices.
  • Guarantee fairness in the selection of vendors, and putting more tax dollars into education while providing the savings, service, and solutions supporting the achievements and success of every student and teacher in the District.
  • Obtain goods, services, and construction for public purposes according to laws and procedures intended to provide for the economical expenditures of public funds.

Purchasing of services, equipment, and supplies is centralized with the Purchasing Department. Supplies, equipment, textbooks, materials, travel, public works (construction), and services are procured through Purchasing in accordance with Board policy, California Education Code, and laws pertaining to public procurement and contracts. Purchasing secures necessary bids for the purchase of supplies, equipment, and certain designated services used by school sites and departments from sources able to offer the best price consistent with quality, delivery, and service. Purchasing issues bids for public works construction projects and professional services. We also maintain equipment inventory, accept donations, and manage the surplus equipment process.

The CUSD Warehouse receives and delivers materials and equipment ordered through the Purchasing Department. The Warehouse maintains an inventory of frequently used items (Stores) to provide timely availability and savings to the District. We are also responsible for processing outgoing U.S mail and delivery of incoming mail to school sites and departments.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

Dana Ino, Director, Business Operations (408) 252-3000 extension 61-493

Mike McCloskey, Purchasing Analyst (408) 252-3000 extension 61-403

Eric Nguyen, Buyer II  (408) 252-3000 extension 61-402

Marc Cieplinski, Warehouse Lead  (408) 252-3000 extension 61-247

Scott Hansen, Warehouse (408) 252-3000 extension 61-244

Danny Padilla, Furniture/Utility Person (408) 252-3000 extension 61-309

Abran Mora, Furniture/Utility Person (408) 252-3000 extension 61-242

Jim Solchenberger, Stores & Delivery Clerk (408) 252-3000 extension 61-245