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Special Education

CUSD is committed to providing quality special education services in the least restrictive environment for all special needs children. Students are placed in programs that provide maximum inclusion in general education classes and maximum interaction with their non-disabled peers. 

The district provides a full continuum of services for students with mild to intensive needs. All of our special education programs focus on building academic, social-emotional, communication, pre-vocational, vocational and functional life skills within the educational setting.

Jennifer Willis, Director of Special Education
408-252-3000 extension 61-121

General Inquiry
408-252-3000 extension 61-130

Records Request

408-252-3000 extension 61-130                                                                                                           

Assessment Requests

Preschool Assessments

Arianna Mayes                                                                           

Private School Assessments

Judy Magana

Current Student Assessments

Contact respective school Principal for assessment