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Virtual Calming Space

Welcome to the Virtual Calming Space! 

We all have moments when we feel angry, sad, excited, scared, uncertain and out of sorts. All these feelings are ok. When the emotions become overwhelming, using  a strategy to cope can ease us closer to feeling calm and less overwhelmed.  This space is meant to provide you with some tools and resources to help manage your feelings, cope in the moment and learn a little more about yourself. 

Explore the different types of activities to discover what works best for you. From listening to sounds in nature, traveling the world on a digital tour, or learning new exercise moves, whatever it may be we encourage everyone to explore the space and enjoy!

Below are two brief videos intended to answer the question, "How is this space going to help me?"

For Middle School Students and Families

Mindfulness in 3 minutes

A brief introduction to help us begin to understand why it is beneficial to slow down and use some of the tools available in this calming room.

For Elementary Students and Families


A brief look at how our brain works. Starting to understand how the brain works can lead us to gain better control over our thoughts and emotions.