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Mosyle iOS Student Self-Service App

The following will show you how to install a Self-Service Application on an iPad enrolled in the CUSD Device Management system.
Downloadable video can be found here (can be played within browser and/or downloaded for vlc or quicktime player)


  1. Click on the manager app from the ipad

note: if you're having trouble finding the app you can do a search

  1. Self- Service Apps
    1. Tap self-service then tap My Apps.  If this screen doesn't appear but a screen asking for Activation Information appears, then click on the Self-Service button to bring up the Self-Service page

3. App Chooser

  1. Click the install/update button below an app will send a command to install the app onto the iPad.
  2. note: depending on the size of the app and network the installation can take 1min or more
  3. If you don't see any apps on the self-service page, please submit a help request.


If you see the screen below click self-service to get to the app chooser.