CMS After School Sports

  • The afterschool sports program is open to all grade levels and offers a wide variety of team and individual sports. Try-out dates for each sport are posted in the daily announcements.  All athletes must have a  completed Tryout Waiver form before attending any tryout session.  The 'Waiver' form can be found here.

    All interested students must try-out for softball, volleyball, basketball and soccer. Students who wish to participate in cross country, wrestling, and/or track & field automatically make the team as long as they are able to attend the practices. There are no try-outs or cuts for those three sports. Students are asked to donate $90 towards our after school sports program once they make a team.

    Participant Registration - You MUST be selected for a team to register, except Cross Country, Wrestling, Track & Field. (All students who go out for Cross Country, Wrestling, and Track & Field will be on the team.)

    Forms, registration, schedules, directions and maps to schools that participate in the program can be found here.

    Contact Ms. Lehman, our Athletic Director, if you have any questions about after school sports or are interested in coaching.


    2018-2019 School Year Sports:

    Season 1 -  Sept-Oct - Cross Country, Girls Softball, Boys Basketball

    Cross Country Mr. Sickler
    Girls Softball - 6/7 Mr. Kirtley
    Girls Softball - 7/8

    Mr. Kim

    Basketball - Boys 8th Mr. Harting
    Basketball - Boys 7th Mr. Low
    Basketball - Boys 6th

    Mr. Taberna


    Season 2 - Oct-Dec -  Wrestling, Girls Volleyball



    Volleyball - Girls 8th Mrs. Fry
    Volleyball - Girls 7th Mr. Sagapolutele
    Volleyball - Girls 6th Mrs. Janson


    Season 3 - Dec-Feb - Girls Basketball, Boys Soccer

    Basketball - Girls 8th

     Mrs. Fry

    Basketball - Girls 7th

     Mr. Lo

    Basketball - Girls 6th

     Mr. Wu

    Soccer- Boys 7/8


    Soccer- Boys 6/7


    Season 4 - Feb-April  -  Boys Volleyball, Girls Soccer

    Volleyball- Boys 8th Mrs. Janson
    Volleyball- Boys 7th Mr. Sagapolutele
    Volleyball- Boys 6th TBA
    Soccer- Girls 7/8 TBA
    Soccer- Girls 6/7 TBA

    Season 5 - April-May  -  Track and Field

     Head Coach   Mr. Sickler