Viji Ravikumar



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Viji Ravikumar

I currently reside in Cupertino and I have had my children go through the Cupertino schools. Therefore, I have been a Cupertino parent and I have also been teaching 4th and 5th grade at Regnart for a few years. I take interest in hiking, running, and gardening in my free time. My true passion is in teaching and watching the children grow through learning, and embracing setbacks as part of their life experiences. Every school year is a year for developing greater responsibility and independence in each student. My mission is to see that each student achieves academic success along with feelings of self-worth, friendship, and community. My philosophy is that "All human beings are born with unique gifts. The healthy functioning community depends on realizing the capacity to develop each gift" (Senge, 1990).


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