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Do you have a question for the CUSD School Board or Executive Cabinet? Ask it here! This area is intended for questions regarding the vision of the District, its priorities, and the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). If you have a specific question regarding your child, you may want to contact the school site, Superintendent, or Executive Cabinet directly.

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  • Do noon-duty aides have the ability to enroll their child in a CUSD school?

    Posted by Jeff Bowman at 4/6/2017

    Noon-duty aides may not enroll a child into a Cupertino School based on their employment status in the district; their home address must be within district boundaries.

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  • Will the material for Human Growth and Development (HG&D) be available for review again and then could I decide to opt out?

    Posted by Jeff Bowman at 3/22/2017 4:00:00 PM

    Once the board adopts material, which meets the requirements of new state law, the material will be available to review at each middle school site.   Families will be provided plenty of time to have the opportunity to decide to opt out.  

    EdSource Article



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  • Who was on the Human Growth and Development (HG&D) task force and how did it start?

    Posted by Jeff Bowman at 3/21/2017 4:00:00 PM
    The task force composition: 
    Four Parents
    One High School Student

    Three 5th Grade Teachers

    Five Middle School Science Teachers (one from each site)

    Two Site Administrators

    One District Nurse

    One IST

    Leslie Mains

    Heidi Winig (unpaid consultant from Bay Area Communities for Health Education (BACHE))


    • CA Healthy Youth Act passed in October, 2015 to be in effect January 1, 2016

    • Instruction Department began attending SCCOE CSE Meetings: Fall, 2015

    • CUSD Newsletter Notification and Call for Volunteers: Spring 2016

    • Presentations to all Middle School Science Teachers: September, 2016

    • Presentations to Grade 5 Teachers (Optional): October, 2016

    • CUSD HG&D Task Force Assembled: Fall 2016

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  • Does the CUSD Board President, Anjali Kausar, have a conflict of interest because she is employed by the Cupertino Chamber of Commerce, was involved in recent campaign activity or worked for Intero?

    Posted by Wendy Gudalewicz at 2/2/2017

    No, The Board President's position does not violate the prohibition on incompatible offices or activities. In addition, her election-related activity is protected by the First Amendment and cannot itself create a conflict of interest. While Intero could be a source of income to the Board President, that fact did not prevent the District from entering into an agreement with Vallco Property Owners, Inc. The facts alleged do not suggest the Board President participated in a governmental decision which was reasonably foreseeable to have a material financial effect on Intero as defined by the law.

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  • Is the District seeking to close schools due to declining enrollment?

    Posted by Wendy Gudalewicz at 10/11/2016

    CUSD has no plan to close any school. Closing schools or changing boundaries is a decision that would require input from the entire CUSD community. Closing schools and developing new neighborhood boundaries is something all districts, including CUSD, would rather avoid.

    Enrollment is declining. Our enrollment has decreased by 589 students over the past several years. The largest drop in enrollment is happening in the South end of the District. We will be creating a District Enrollment Task Force comprised of staff and community members to study the issue and make recommendations to the Board. We will invite all members of the CUSD community to apply for the Task Force. Once formed, the Task Force will begin work in January.

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  • Was the West Valley decision part of a district-wide strategy for addressing basic tension issues within a school?

    Posted by Wendy Gudalewicz at 4/18/2016

    The West Valley decision was a unique situation, and not a strategy.

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  • Is it true that over $400,000 has been spent on Human System Dynamics professional development and $100,000 has been or will be spent on Human System Dynamics professional development for West Valley?

    Posted by Wendy Gudalewicz at 4/18/2016

    The District has expended $210,752.71 on Human System Dynamics for management and staff training (including new teachers and school staff members) over a three-year period (2012-2015) to assist with the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. Over 100 CUSD employees were certified. Each certification consisted of 10 days of professional development. Once certified, an individual is known as an HSD Associate (none of the CUSD employees receive or have received payment from HSD). As such, HSD represents 2% of the total contracted services expended since 2011. The HSD contract rate is set at a rate of $250 per hour, which is in alignment with the rate of pay for other like services. In education, many consultants are paid at a rate that exceeds this rate.

    West Valley’s principal originally requested that HSD facilitate community meetings; however, HSD is no longer contracted to work with West Valley because the school chose to complete their work using local facilitators.

    The current contract for HSD has been reduced and as of March 3, 2016 we have paid HSD $23,804.46.

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  • Is it true that the CUSD Board has repeatedly violated the Brown Act resulting in legal action against the district and that these alleged Brown Act violations have excluded the public from important decisions?

    Posted by Wendy Gudalewicz at 4/18/2016

    While members of the community have filed complaints with the District Attorney’s office alleging Brown Act violations by the CUSD Board, none of the complaints were substantiated by the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office. We have no legal actions pending against the Board for Brown Act violations.

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  • Is it true that the superintendent has been needlessly dismantling long-standing instructional programs such as the English Language Center at Muir, De Vargas and Nimitz elementary schools and that this has added pressure to staff?

    Posted by Wendy Gudalewicz at 4/18/2016

    In July of 2013, the end of the Superintendent’s first year in the District, CUSD received a complaint from the Federal Government’s Office of Civil Rights. The complaint alleged that the District’s long-standing practice of maintaining English Language Development Centers was segregating English Language Learners (ELLs) and not providing adequate services. CUSD immediately began working with the Office of Civil Rights to develop a plan to provide appropriate services to all ELL students. The plan included purchasing an appropriate curriculum and providing professional development to every teacher in the District, as teachers must address the needs of ELL students in their classroom. This is the law. We are still under federal monitoring by the Office of Civil Rights.

    In addition, CUSD, along with 40+ other districts, received a lawsuit alleging we were not providing appropriate P.E. instruction in grades 1-5. In the past, CUSD school sites were given a great deal of autonomy, which has resulted in inconsistent implementation of some programs, P.E. being one of them. P.E. is one of the two mandated programs in California (English Language Development being the other). We had to correct this immediately. As a result, all elementary teachers are required to teach the appropriate number of P.E. minutes and moving forward we will be monitored by an outside entity to ensure the appropriate minutes are being taught.

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  • Is it true that according to the CEA survey, the majority of our district's teachers are dissatisfied?

    Posted by Wendy Gudalewicz at 4/18/2016

    The Cupertino Education Association (CEA) survey shows that 30%-40% of the District’s teaching staff is not satisfied. The Superintendent acknowledges that there is much more work that needs to be done to improve the teacher experience and is working collaboratively with CEA to address any unresolved issues identified in the survey.

    There have been many long-standing practices in CUSD that have not been compliant with the practices required by the state and/or federal governments. As a result, the need to correct some of these areas in a rapid manner has created an increased stress on our system. We are committed to working with our teachers to relieve as much stress as we can and are fully committed to being open to their suggestions.

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