• Reading All Around The World


    Each year the students at Garden Gate have the option to participate in a Read-A-Thon program. It encourages our students to develop long lasting reading habits.


     Read-a-Thon student information will be submitted online.  We estimate we will save over 3,000 copies, saving paper and other costs for our school.


    This year's Read-A-Thon will begin on October 16, 2018 and end on May 10, 2019. The purpose of this program is to encourage long lasting reading habits in students. The theme for this year's Read-A-Thon is : “Reading All Around The World”. Parents can help by ensuring that their children have access to a wide variety of books.


    A large chart designed with the above theme has been put up in the Library, so that students, teachers and parents can keep track of class progress. This chart will be updated once a month, after the students' online reading logs are tallied. At the end of the program in May, each class will have a Read-A-Thon party for students that have participated in the program. Participating students will receive incentive prizes and a certificate.


    Read-A-Thon Goals:


    K- 2 Grade Students

    Students at this level are encouraged to read 10 books per month to be considered a participant in this program. If your child is reading chapter books, 20 pages will be considered as one book. For example, one chapter book with 260 pages will be counted as 13 books.


    3- 5 Grade Students

     Students at this level are encouraged to read 300 pages per month to be considered a participant in this program.


    This year, in order to simplify our process and reduce waste of paper, Students in grades 4-5 will submit their reading logs as part of classroom activity. Parents and students in grades K-3 will submit their reading logs online, by clicking on their teachers name below:  If your child is in a combo class, please click on the teacher


    Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade
    Mrs. Bhatt
    Mrs. Smith  Mrs. Picone Mr. Ward
    Mrs. Lanza  Mrs. Ornelas  Mrs. Hernandez
    Mrs. Nucci  
    Ms. A Wolff Mrs. Cheng Mrs. Ahmed Mrs. Pearson
    Mrs. Mein Mrs. Westgate Mrs. Barr Mrs. Amarnath
        Mrs. Jarrar  

       If you have any questions about the Read-A-Thon program, please contact me at 252-5414, ext 69150.


    Mrudula Gokhale, Librarian