An Overview of CUSD Advisory Committees

  • At CUSD, there are a number of ways for parents to get involved.  One of them is to join a District-Parent Advisory Committee:

    • Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)
    • District English Language Advisory Committee (DELAC)

    Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)
    These are members, usually the presidents, of the parent organizations at the school sites (Home and School Club, PTA, Foundations, etc...) and a member of the School Site Council. The role of this group is to be an advisory group specifically focused on the LCAP plan and budget allocations.  This group is Board approved in the fall.

    District English Language Advisory Council (DELAC)
    The members of this group are from the School Site Council.  The role of this council is to discuss the school plan process, while also providing input to the District on the LCAP as well as programs offered to support student learning and success.  The members of this council should come prepared to discuss English Language Learners, specific needs and supports the students and the parents. 

    "A parent advisory committee and an English learning parent advisory committee (if the LEA has 50 or more English learners, or if they comprise 15 percent or more of the student enrollment) must be formed to provide advice about the LCAP. These advisory committees can be newly formed or draw from existing parent advisory groups, but they must include representation of students in need (e.g., low income, English learners, and foster youth)."

    See this document for the full description of DELAC and PAC responsibilities

PAC and DELAC Members