Dilworth Home and School Club

  • What is Home and School Club? 
    HSC is an organization committed to making Dilworth an exceptional school environment through funding of key programs, community-building activities, and extras for the school that are not provided by the district. 

    Become a Member 
    You don't have to do or pay anything to become a member of HSC. All parents of Dilworth students and all staff are automatically members of "the club." Your membership means you have a vote in what HSC does for and in Dilworth this school year. Note: you must be at HSC meetings to vote. 

    What does HSC do?

    1. Recruit volunteers to fill needs at the school.
    2. Raise funds to subsidize crucial programs not wholly funded by the district.
    3. Build community spirit.
    4. Provide a forum for teachers, staff, and parents to communicate and share ideas. 

    Monthly Meetings
    HSC meetings provide a great opportunity to get information directly from the principal and other community members. Share ideas, vote on use of funds and proposed programs, and get to know fellow Dilworth parents. Free babysitting is provided for the first and last HSC meetings for the school year, so come for an hour and have your say! Watch the newsletters and Blackboard emails for dates of upcoming HSC meetings. The first meeting will be Thursday, Aug. 29 at 7pm in the GLC. 

    Where to Get Info:

    1. Dilworth website
    2. Dragon Dispatch: This biweekly newsletter contains messages from the principal, staff, HSC, and others. It also includes important District news. It will be available weekly on the website and will be sent to all families via email.  
    3. Friday Folder: Every week your child will bring home a folder full of current, pertinent information. Check it every Friday evening to stay informed on classroom, school, district, and community news. 

    How HSC Gets $$$: One Word: Fundraising
    Long ago, the Dilworth community decided not to send students out into the neighborhood repeatedly to sell wrapping paper, candy, coupon books, etc. Instead, HSC combines its fundraising mission with its community-spirit-building mission to host Walkaround, a one-day, fun-filled event that has the potential to raise enough money to fund HSC's entire annual budget. 

    Fundraising Goal 
    HSC hopes to raise $200/student through the Walkaround fundraiser. Families choosing not to participate in Walkaround activities may donate directly to HSC by check. Make your donation dollar go further: check into company matching where your work.


    HSC Board 2020/2021

    Co-President: Smruti Phadnis -- smrutiaa@gmail.com

    Co-President: Vineet Kakani -- kakani@gmail.com


    Vice President: Robin Robinson 


    Secretary: Lili Li -- lili.l.xu@gmail.com


    Treasurer:  Amritha Raghunathan - araghuna@gmail.com


    Treasurer: Hetal Bhuta -- hetalbhuta@yahoo.com