Primary Grades (K-3) TOSA

  • TOSAs (Teacher on Special Assignment) funded 100% by MPTO work with all grades at Montclaire to provide classroom size reduction and greater individual attention, special enrichment activities that complement classroom learning, as well as serving in a support role for students struggling to meet benchmark in their learning.

    Mrs. Walsh works with all 250+ students in grades K-3. Each primary grade student spends ~45 minutes per week working with Mrs. Walsh on projects jointly planned with the classroom teachers for each grade level. For example, kindergartners might complete a STEM activity based on the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom that involves designing and engineering a 3D tree (like the one in the book) using paper rolls, foil, and cardboard. The students are challenged to make sure the tree is stable enough to stand upright and support all the alphabet letters from the book. In Grades 1 and 2 Mrs. Walsh’s lessons might revolve around honing reading comprehension or delving deeper into our Writer’s Workshop curriculum flushing out student’s writing skills. In Grade 3 students might be exploring math enrichment concepts in a small group format with more individualized challenges. Mrs. Walsh is thrilled with the variety of activities in her role as our Primary Grade TOSA and loves getting to know so many students. K-3 classroom teachers are excited about working more closely with their half classes during their 90 minutes per week of TOSA time. In addition Mrs. Walsh continues to support and work with students scoring below benchmark, providing additional assessment, attending IST meetings and working with the classroom teacher as an additional set of eyes on our kids who need that extra support.

    Ask your kids what they’re working on with their TOSA this week!

Picture of TOSA Mrs. Walsh