• Bear Bulletin - November 2019

    Upcoming Events:

    Nov       1        Staff Learning Day - No School for Students

    Nov       3        Daylight Savings Time Ends, 2:00 am

    Nov     4-8       Bullying Prevention Week at CMS

    Nov       6        CMS-PTO Meeting, Conference Room 2, 6:30 - 7:30 pm

    Nov       8        1st Semester - 12-week Progress Reports go home

    Nov     11        Veteran’s Day - No School 

    Nov     13        CMS-PTO Parent Talk - EQ, Emotional Intelligence, Library, 6:30 - 8:00 pm

    Nov  25-29     Thanksgiving Recess - No School

    ~~Looking Ahead~~

    Dec       2       Geography Bee in Core classes

    Dec       4       CMS-PTO Meeting, Conference Room 2, 6:30 - 7:30 pm

    Geography Bee:   The 2019-2020 National Geographic Bee is almost here! On Monday, December 2nd, all students will be participating in the first round of the geography bee in their Core class.

    The Geography Bee is a school-wide geography competition where everyone participates.  Questions will range from American states to continents and countries.  

    The CMS finalist will then compete in statewide competition against other California middle schoolers, and that winner gets to compete in the National Finals.

    Yosemite Chaperones Needed!

    8th-grade parents (and other parents, too!) are invited to join this year's class trip to Yosemite as chaperones.

    This is a volunteer experience. 

    • You must be available to attend the whole trip. (March 8-13). 
    • You should expect to be outside all week despite the weather, and be physically able to hike up to 5-7 miles per day. 
    • We are happy to have as many parents on the trip as we are able to accommodate! 
    • Please complete the form on the CMS Yosemite website: https://sites.google.com/cusdk8.org/cms-yosemite/chaperones

    Bullying Prevention Week at CMS is November 4-8!

    Throughout this week, morning announcements will feature information on:

    • How to tell the difference between bullying and other types of conflict
    • Tips on what to do if you or someone you know is being bullied
    • How to be an upstander
    • How to avoid gossiping by using the T.H.I.N.K. model
    • A video on standing up against bullying 

    On Friday, November 8th, Counselors and Leadership students are planning a fun activity during lunchtime for students to get involved in standing up against bullying! 

    Yearbook News 

    The CMS 2020 Yearbook is on sale NOW! 

    The introductory cost is $45. After November 30th the cost is $50.

    You may add: 

    • Nameplates ($5)  
    • World Yearbook ($5)  
    • Extra Autograph pages ($2). 
    • You may also create a yearbook ad that will go in the back of the yearbook ($50).

    We completely SOLD OUT last year, so order yours today at this link:


    Attendance & Picking up your Student for Appointments:

    • Call in your student’s absence at 408-245-0303 x 6 by 9:00 am. This is a 24-hour line to leave a message. This line is not for urgent messages or to inform a student is leaving campus.
    • Religious or Private School Shadowing:  All absences for religious reasons and private school shadowing must be submitted in writing at least 24 hours in advance in order to be excused. A form may be picked up from the front office or an email may be sent to gross_terri@cusdk8.org.
    • Partial School-day Absence: If your student has an appointment during the school day or needs to leave school early, send them to the office before school begins with a written note explaining the reason. They will be given a pass to excuse them from class.

    5-10 Day Absence: If your student will be absent 5-10 days due to travel, an Independent Study packet may be requested by coming to the office at least 2 weeks before the first day of absence.

    Private School Applications/Recommendations:

    Cupertino Middle School Guidelines

    If you are applying to a private school for next year, please follow these guidelines:

    Step 1: Obtain an application from the admissions office of the private high school(s).  Most of these applications are online. Remember to check application deadlines!

    Step 2: Recommendation Forms: 

    Talk to your teacher(s)/counselor prior to putting in his/her email information in the application.  The high school(s) will send online recommendation forms directly to these teachers.

    Step 3: Transcript and Testing Request Form:

    Please complete the form and give it to your school counselor.  

    If the private school does not use Ravenna, please include a stamped envelope, which should be addressed to the private school with Cupertino Middle School’s address as the return address. 

    Your counselor will mail these documents directly to the school or upload them to Ravenna.

    Please allow your teachers and counselors 3-4 weeks to process the recommendations and all forms.

    Helpful Hints:

    • Consider giving the teacher(s) you’ve chosen to write your recommendation a “brag list” or student resume that names your extracurricular activities and interests. 
    • You can ask your counselor for the “brag list” sheet.

    If you have any questions, please email or meet with your school counselor:

             Ms. Fratus (Last Names A-L) fratus_jeanna@cusdk8.org

             Ms.Voigt (Last Names M-Z) voigt_ashley@cusdk8.org

    CMS-PTO News 

    Upcoming Events

    • Wednesday, Nov. 6: CMS-PTO Meeting

    Please join us in the Office Conference Room at 6:30 pm for our monthly meeting. 

    • Wednesday, Nov. 13: CMS-PTO Talk - Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

    Please join us in the library from 6:30 - 8:00 pm.

    Emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, as well as identify the emotions of people around you. While a student’s IQ is important in achieving success early on, emotional intelligence (EQ) becomes increasingly more important as a student gets older in order to reach their full potential. 

    This talk will: 

    • Dive into what EQ is and how it can positively impact students.
    • Identify the right motivational factors to study, work and live. 
    • It will also address the growing problem cited by a recent Yale survey of 22,000 high school students that shows as many as 75% feel mostly negative emotions such as feeling tired, stress and boredom, which often carries into adulthood.

    Understanding the importance of emotional intelligence is the first step in experiencing meaningful work, relationships and living purposefully.

    Please RSVP at https://tinyurl.com/y28fu2qz

    *CMS-PTO is now a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon and affiliated sites. Start your search at cms-pto.org/amazon every time you shop on Amazon! Tell your friends and family!

    The link will take you to a page showing books, but you can type what you're looking for in the Amazon search bar. Shop on Amazon and help CMS-PTO!

    All money donated to and raised by CMS-PTO stays at CMS to support our students and staff. CMS-PTO raises money to fund educational and enrichment programs, community-building activities, and campus extras that are not covered by the current school and district funding. 

    CMS-PTO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit parent and teacher volunteer organization. Please consider making a donation to CMS-PTO at https://cms-pto.org/donate/  and ask your employer if they will match your contribution.

    Safe Routes to School

    Safe Routes to School

    Bear Bulletin - October 2019

    Upcoming Events:

    Oct       1      Challenge Success Event: The Well-Balanced Student, Event Center, 10:00 - 11:30 am or 6:30 - 8:00 pm 

    Oct       2      CMS-PTO Meeting, Conference Room 2, 6:30 - 7:30 pm

    Oct       4      Picture Retake Day

    Oct       5      CMS-PTO E-Waste Recycling, parking lot, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

    Oct       8      Vision Screening for all 8th-graders and Special Day Class students 

    Oct     11      Dance, quad area by Bernardo Gym, 5:00 -7:00 pm 

    Oct     14      No School for Students

    Oct     18      CMS Fall Family Night & Book Fair, 4:00 - 7:00 pm

    Oct   21-25  Book Fair

    Oct     29      CMS-PTO Dine-Out Night at Chipotle, 20688 Homestead Rd., Cupertino 5:00 - 9:00 pm

    ~~Looking Ahead~~

    Nov       1     Staff Learning Day - No School for Students

    Nov       6     CMS-PTO Meeting, Conference Room 2, 6:30 - 7:30 pm

    Progress Reports

    September 27th:

    The 1st-semester 6-week progress grades will be posted by 4:00 pm on Friday, Sep 27, for parents to see in ParentVUE. A progress report will be mailed home only for students with a C- or below in any subject.  

    If you have trouble logging into or accessing ParentVUE, please go to our website and see the section under 'For Families' 'ParentVUE' in order to troubleshoot.

    If you have any additional questions regarding ParentVUE, please email office_cupertino@cusdk8.org.

    Picture Retake Day is on Friday, October 4th, during brunch or lunch, on your own time.

    **Students requesting a retake must bring their original picture package to turn in.

    ONLY for students enrolled at CMS after August 23:  Pictures can be ordered online and these students can get their picture taken to get a student ID card. ID cards are used for entry to dances and to check out books from the school library.  

    Visit Lifetouch website to order and pay for your pictures using the Picture Day ID: BY019200Q0  

    Vision Screening 

    All 8th-graders and Special Day Class students will be tested during Language Arts or Social Studies classes on Tuesday, October 8th.  Students who wear contacts or glasses must bring those to testing.


    The first CMS dance of this school year will be on Friday, October 11th, from 5:00-7:00 pm in the quad area near the Bernardo Gym. 

    Tickets are on sale for $4 in the quad during brunch and lunch on Wednesday, October 9, Thursday, October 10, and Friday, October 11, or at the door for $5.

    Students must arrive at 5:00 pm. Doors close at 5:15 pm.
    Students must attend for the entire time (5:00-7:00 pm) - students are not permitted to leave early and there are no "in and out" privileges.

    All students must present a CMS ID card. Replacement IDs can be obtained for $5 in the school office until 3:00 pm on the day of the dance. All school rules, including the use of cell phones, cameras, devices, and dress code apply. Please refer to the Student Handbook for detailed information about school rules.

    Attendance Information 

    All absences for religious reasons and private school shadowing must be submitted in writing at least 24 hours in advance in order to be excused. A form can be picked up from the front office or send an email to gross_terri@cusdk8.org.

    Procedure for Excusing Students Early or for Appointments During the School Day - Students should come to the office before the school day begins with a written note from a parent explaining the reason for leaving school. The office will issue a “Permit to Leave” class. This saves many interruptions. Students must sign out at the office before leaving campus. If the student returns, signing back in upon return with a doctor’s verification is required. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

    Absence - Parents, remember to call the Attendance Line (408.245.0303 Ext.6) for each day of absence.  This line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We require a note from the doctor when students miss school due to appointments.  When a student has had five (5) absences in the school year for illness verified by a parent or guardian, any further absence for illness must be verified by a physician.  

    Absences must be verified each day.

    Yearbook News 

    The CMS 2020 Yearbook is on sale NOW! 

    The introductory cost is $45. After October 31st the cost is $50.

    You may add: 

    • Nameplates ($5)  
    • World Yearbook ($5)  
    • Extra Autograph pages ($2). 
    • You may also create a yearbook ad that will go in the back of the yearbook ($50).

    We completely SOLD OUT last year, so order yours today at this link:


    CMS-PTO News

    * GOT E-WASTE?   Saturday, October 5, from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

    Let CMS-PTO help you recycle it!

    Bring your e-waste to the CMS parking lot on Saturday, October 5, from 9 am-4 pm. People will remove it from your car, so you don't even have to get out! The items will be recycled and CMS-PTO will receive some of the profit. You get to rid your home of old electronics and raise some money for CMS-PTO!

    Accepted items include phones, wires, cable, laptops, desktops, printers, batteries, small household appliances (such as toaster ovens and fans), CD drives, CD/DVD/MP3 players, clocks, digital cameras, fax machines, flat screens, keyboards, modems, sound systems, televisions, typewriters, video cameras, video game systems, zip drives. No large appliances, such as refrigerators and washers, and no CDs/DVDs.

    * Fall Family Night 

    CMS-PTO is hosting the third Fall Family Night at Cupertino Middle School on Friday, October 18, 2019, from 4:00 pm-6:30 pm. As part of our annual international event, CMS parents and student volunteers will provide bite-size food samples from every corner of the world. There will be music, games, activities, and fun for every member of the family. Entertainment will include CMS' spectacular A-Band, CMS student dancers showcasing Korean and Chinese-style classical dance, a high-energy Bollywood performance, lion dancing, and more. 

    Be a part of something special that brings the entire Cupertino Middle School community together!

    Sign up! We are looking for volunteers: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/8050d45afaa2fa0f49-cmsptos

    Contact May Bakken (president@cms-pto.org) if you have questions.

    * Chipotle Dine Out Night

    Enjoy a family night out and earn a donation for CMS-PTO at the same time! It's a win-win. Join us at Chipotle in Sunnyvale (20688 Homestead Rd.) from 5pm-9pm on Tuesday, October 29th. Show the flier at this link when you order: https://tinyurl.com/yxq2bljm   

    You are invited to attend CUSD’s first Parent Education event of the 2019-2020 school year.   

    The Well-Balanced Student

    Challenge Success Parent Education Event with Denise Pope and Jen Coté


    October 1 | 10:00-11:30 am or 6:30-8:00 pm | 

    Cupertino Middle School Event Center

    Free to CUSD parents/guardians and staff

    Please RSVP 

    10:00-11:30 am sign up HERE

    6:30-8:00 pm sign up HERE


    When we are too focused on grades and performance, we deny our children the time and energy they need to tackle the demanding work of growing up. In this presentation, you will learn how you can establish a healthier home environment, reduce academic stress without sacrificing achievement, and increase your children’s resilience, creativity, and well-being. 

    Please join us for these important conversations in support of each child’s health, well-being and success. We look forward to partnering with you to help our students thrive!

    Learn more about Challenge Success here

    Safe Routes to School 

    Safe  Routes to School is a site, district, and community-based initiative to keep our kids safe as they walk and bike to school.  Do you have a child biking or walking to CMS? Would you like to have your child bike or walk to CMS but are concerned about safety? Would you like to learn or get involved more in our school and district's efforts with the cities of Sunnyvale and Los Altos as they develop and evaluate Safe Routes to School (SRTS)?

    We are holding an informational meeting on Friday, October 4 at 8:15 am after drop off in room 50.

    Come learn more about the topics below and ask questions!  If you are interested in becoming involved, complete THIS FORM or simply attend the meeting on October 4.

    Topics of discussion:

    • Progress so far with SRTS at the school, district, and city-level
    • Becoming involved with the SRTS Parent Advocacy group at CMS
    • The time commitment and levels of involvement
    • Need for more representation from all CMS feeder schools and service areas to address all student and family needs regarding traffic and student transportation
    • Understanding the "Homestead Corridor" and other traffic areas of concern
    • Getting the attention of city leaders, including meeting with the SRTS Coordinator from the Department of Public Safety, the City of Sunnyvale in upcoming school meeting and attending meetings with the City of Los Altos and CUSD.

    Public Input Map and Online Survey for Safe Routes to Schools

    How can we continue to improve options for bicyclists and pedestrians in Sunnyvale?

    How can Sunnyvale students walk and bike to school more safely? 

    The City of Sunnyvale is looking for public input and comments as part of a year-long effort to create an Active Transportation Plan that will address bicycle, pedestrian and Safe Routes to Schools needs throughout the City. You can help us understand communities’ needs and priorities in the bicycle and pedestrian environment and routes to and from schools by providing input on the Public Input Map and/or taking the Online Survey! Your participation will help us identify locations for improvements and determine how best to improve bicycling and walking in Sunnyvale. It will also help us identify ways to make it safer for Sunnyvale students to walk and bike to school. 

    Please provide your input via the Public Input Map and Online Survey by Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019.

    You can learn more about the project by searching “Active Transportation Plan” at Sunnyvale.ca.gov. If you have questions, please contact Lillian Tsang at Ltsang@sunnyvale.ca.gov.

    Bear Bulletin - September 2019

    Upcoming Events:

    Sep    17         CMS-PTO Talk for parents, Topic-EQ: Executive Function 

                              Library, 6:30- 7:30 pm

    Sep     20        Staff Learning Day - No School for Students

    Sep     24        CMS-PTO Dine-Out Night at Chipotle, 20688 Homestead Rd., Cupertino 5:00 - 9:00 pm

    ~~Looking Ahead~~

    Oct       2         CMS-PTO Meeting, Conference Room 2, 6:30 - 7:30 pm

    Oct       4         Picture Retake Day

    Oct     18        CMS Fall Family Night & Book Fair, 4:00 - 7:00 pm

    A Message from the Principal:

    Dear Bear Families,

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!  I am exceptionally honored to have been given this opportunity to facilitate the ongoing growth and success of Cupertino Middle School. Learners are more likely to be successful and engage in their own learning when the schoolhouse is supported by your learner, you, and the team of educators responsible for drawing out the desire to learn. I am tremendously proud of my teaching staff who offer our community a better understanding of their expectations with activities like back-to-school night. This activity not only serves as an opportunity for you to meet with your learner’s teachers but reconnect with friends and hopefully help our new families feel at ease as they navigate unfamiliar grounds. 

    Middle school can be an uneasy change for learners and their family. The relative safety and structure early school years provide suddenly gives way to increasing freedom but equally demanding expectations. This may be unexpected and unfamiliar for many learners, so I strongly encourage you to build an alliance that supports a positive learning experience. 

    This community offers a kaleidoscope of richly personal experiences that I am deeply interested in seeing the spectrum of everyone’s potential. Thank you for providing me with a few moments of your valuable time, and I look forward to getting to know each of you as we draw out the very best in one another.  

    Warm regards,

    Dr. Lashier

    Go Bears!

    Yearbook News:

    The CMS 2020 Yearbook is on sale NOW! 

    The introductory cost is $45. After October 31st the cost is $50.

    You may add: 

    • Nameplates ($5)  
    • World Yearbook ($5)  
    • Extra Autograph pages ($2). 
    • You may also create a yearbook ad that will go in the back of the yearbook ($50).

    We completely SOLD OUT last year, so order yours today at this link:


    Getting involved at CMS: 

    Are you looking for ways to become involved on campus?  We are often looking for volunteers. Visit the volunteer web page and complete the volunteer forms necessary to become involved.

    Upcoming opportunities:

    Lunch Supervision

    An important role on the CMS campus is lunch duty supervision.  This is typically covered by parents or family members from the CMS community.  If you are interested in helping out in this capacity, fingerprinting and TB clearance is required.  Most of our lunch duty supervisors volunteer one lunch per week, but the schedule is designed to be flexible.

    If you are interested in participating as a lunch supervisor, please complete the volunteer registration form and indicate your interest in Lunch Supervision or contact Jeanine Woodell directly (woodell_jeanine@cusdk8.org).

    Parent-Student Advisory Group (PSAG) - The CMS Parent-Student Advisory Group (PSAG) is a representative group of stakeholders that provide input into the development of the Site Plan Student Achievement (SPSA) and serve as an advisory group for site and district-related school goals.  

    PSAG consists of at least: 

    • one student from each grade level 
    • three parents
    • three teachers 
    • one administrator  

    If you are interested in being part of CMS Parent Student Advisory Group please complete the volunteer registration form and indicate your interest in PSAG or contact Jeanine Woodell directly (woodell_jeanine@cusdk8.org).  This is typically a two-year commitment.

    CMS-PTO News:

    Thank you to all families who have already donated to CMS-PTO this year. Those donations are already being put to good use. If you have not yet contributed and would like to, please go to https://cms-pto.org/donate/

    We hope to see you at the many events CMS-PTO is hosting this fall.

    Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019 -- CMS-PTO Talk: Executive Function, CMS Library, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

    Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019 -- Dine Out Night at Chipotle, 20688 Homestead Rd., Cupertino, 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

    Eat at Chipotle and help CMS! 

    Show the attached flyer on your smartphone or print a copy and show it to the cashier when you order. 33% of the night's proceeds will be donated to CMS-PTO! https://tinyurl.com/y2alfavc

    Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019 -- CMS-PTO Meeting, CMS Library at 6:30 pm

    Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019 -- E-waste Recycling at CMS

    Do you have old electronics that are just collecting dust? 

    Is your printer on its last legs? 

    Are you wondering what to do with all the e-waste you have in your garage? Donate it at CMS-PTO's E-waste recycling event! 

    Easy steps to donate:

    • Load e-waste in your car
    • Pull into the CMS parking lot 
    • Items will be unloaded for you. There is no need to get out of your vehicle.
    • Drive away. It's that easy! 

    Please pass the word to your friends and neighbors. 

    Friday, Oct. 18, 2019 -- Fall Family Night at CMS

    Join us at the annual CMS-PTO Fall Family Night. Experience the food, art, music, and dance of cultures from around the world! This is a free event, so bring the whole family. If you are interested in helping, please contact May at president@cms-pto.org.    

    If you have any questions about CMS-PTO or the events shown above, please email communications@cms-pto.org

    Save the Date! CMS Annual Book Fair October 18 - 25, 2019 

    OPEN at Fall Family Night Friday, October 18, from 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm 

    See the complete details about the Book Fair and volunteering opportunities HERE