Kindergarten Supply List

  • Welcome to Kindergarten at Collins!

    We are excited to meet your children. 


    Monday, August 16th 8:40-2:45pm: 1st day of school

     Please refer to the school supply list below:



    * Please do not label supplies with a name.  All supplies are shared in class.


    2   large containers of 4 boxes of new Crayola crayons (24   

          Disinfecting Wipes (30 count)           count) regular crayons only, (box

    usually says “preferred by teachers”                  

    outlined in red with a red crayon

    pictured on top (not washables)

    2   dozen DIXON TICONDEROGA 1 large box of quality Kleenex

         #2 wooden pencils (sharpened

    1   box Crayola broad tip “Assorted” Colors 30-40 small Elmer’s glue sticks 

         markers (12 pack) “disappearing purple”

    1   box Crayola broad tip “Bright” Colors 1 Pentel high polymer erasers (white) 

        markers (10 or 12 pack) 4pk

    1   4oz. bottle Elmer’s white liquid glue 1 Prang watercolor set, 8 colors with 


    1  pair Fiskars dull point children 1 Box sandwich sized Ziploc bags


    1   Box quart-sized Ziploc bags 1 Box gallon sized Ziploc bags


    If your child’s last name begins with:

    A-M: Please bring 1 bottle of Softsoap (w/pump)

    N-Z: Please bring 1 bottle of Purell hand sanitizer (w/pump)


    Look for Back-to-School sales. Several items can be purchased for $1.00 or less! (Target or Wal-Mart). 


    Please buy brand names when specified, if possible.  DO NOT purchase ROSEART BRAND school supplies.  Please send your child’s supplies during the first week of school