• Private School Applications/Recommendations

    Cupertino Middle School Guidelines

    If you are applying to a private school for the 2020-21 school year, please follow these guidelines:

    Step 1

    Obtain an application from the admissions office of the private high school(s).  Most of these applications are online. Remember to check application deadlines! 

    Step 2: Recommendation Forms

     Talk to your teacher(s)/Counselor prior to putting in his/her email information in the application.  The high school(s) will send online recommendation forms directly to these teachers.

    Step 3: Transcript and Testing Request Form:

    Please complete the form and give it to your school counselor.  

    If the private school does not use Ravenna, please include a stamped envelope, which should be addressed to the private school with Cupertino Middle School’s address as the return address.  

    Your counselor will mail these documents directly to the school or upload them to Ravenna.

    Please allow your teachers and counselors 3-4 weeks to process the recommendations and all forms.

    Helpful Hints

    Consider giving your teacher(s) you’ve chosen to write your recommendation a “brag list” or student resume that names your extracurricular activities and interests. You can ask your counselor for the “brag list” sheet. 

    If you have any questions, please email or meet with your school counselor:

    Ms. Fratus (Last Names A-L) fratus_jeanna@cusdk8.org 

    Ms.Voigt (Last Names M-Z) voigt_ashley@cusdk8.org