Private School Applications/Recommendations 
    Cupertino Middle School Guidelines 
    If you are applying to a private school for next year, please follow these guidelines: 
    Step 1: Application 
    Obtain an application from the admissions office of the private high school(s). Most of these 
    applications are now online. ​Remember to check application deadlines!  
    Step 2: Recommendation Forms 
    If you need a Recommendation Form filled out by a teacher/counselor, ​talk to them ​prior​ to 
    putting in his/her email information in the application.​ The high school(s) will send online 
    recommendation forms directly to these teachers once you provide them with an email address.  
    Step 3: Transcript Request/Release Form 
    In order for the counselor to release your transcript/standardized test scores directly to the 
    private school, we need your parent/guardian’s approval. 
    Please complete the form and have your parent or guardian send the form in an email to your 
    If the private school uses Ravenna. your counselor will upload your documents directly to 
    If the private school does not use Ravenna, please provide us with the preferred method of 
    delivery of the transcripts/standardized test scores. 
    For mail-in: Please drop off to CMS a stamped envelope, which should be 
    addressed to the private school with Cupertino Middle School’s address as the 
    return address. You can drop off at the front office between 11am-3pm on any school day. 
    For email: Please provide us with the appropriate email address to send the 
    information to. 
    Please allow your teachers and counselors 3-4 weeks to process the 
    recommendations and all forms noted above. 
    If you have any questions, please email or request to meet with your school counselor: 
    Ms. Fratus (Last Names A-L) ​fratus_jeanna@cusdk8.org  
    Ms. Voigt (Last Names M-Z) ​voigt_ashley@cusdk8.org