• The Cupertino Union School District is in the process of hiring preschool staff who are committed to providing a nurturing, developmentally and culturally appropriate preschool program fostering cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development in a play-based environment. All staff will be expected to observe and are responsive to children’s interests, skills, and needs, creating learning environments to support their growth and development and curiosity about the world around them. All of our teachers and support staff will have the qualifications, knowledge, and professional commitment to providing a rich preschool experience, supporting the needs of children and their families.

    These eight principles provided by the California Preschool Curriculum Framework will guide our teaching and support provided to children and families: 

    • Relationships are central.
    • Play is a primary context for learning.
    • Learning is integrated.
    • Intentional teaching enhances chil­dren’s learning experiences.
    • Family and community partnerships create meaningful connections.
    • Individualization of learning includes all children.
    • Responsiveness to culture and lan­guage supports children’s learning.
    • Time for reflection and planning enhances teaching.

    Candidates must apply through EDJOIN for any of the following positions. The positions will remain on EDJOIN until filled.

    Preschool Lead Teacher

    Preschool Teacher

    Preschool Aide

    Salary Schedule