Request For Transfers

  • 2018-19 Cupertino Union School District

    Request for Transfer Window

    When:  April 6, 2018, to April 23, 2018

    Where:  Student Assignment Office, 1309 S. Mary Avenue, Suite 150, Sunnyvale, 94087

    Hours:  Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm


    • The Request for Transfer Period is separate from the Annual District-Wide Open Enrollment/Lottery.
    • If you have already been approved through the Open Enrollment/Lottery process, this Window does not change your child’s placement.
    • If your child is on a waitlist from the Open Enrollment/Lottery process, his/her name will remain on the waitlist.
    • Students whose primary residence is within the CUSD boundaries may apply for any attendance area school -or- alternative education school.
    • Parents must visit the Student Assignment Office to complete a Request for Transfer form and will be notified by mail of the waitlist number.
    • Families participating in this Request for Transfer period will be notified by mail the week of May 21, 2018, informing them of the status of their respective Request for Transfer. 
    • The other side of this sheet provides the number of students on the waitlist that was established after the results of the Open Enrollment/Lottery. You will notice, Blue Hills, Dilworth, Montclaire, Muir, and Regnart. do not currently have a waitlist.


    Any student who is in an alternative program school or a school other than his/her neighborhood attendance area school may apply to return to his/her attendance area school during this time.

     * Approval to attend a TK Site is approved for the current school year only. A CUSD Student will apply for Kindergarten at his/her attendance area school during Priority Registration.  If a current TK student would like to continue at his/her current TK Site and the TK Site is not your attendance area school, the parent, in order to be considered to continue at the TK Site for Kindergarten, must participate in the Priority Open Enrollment (Lottery). Please visit this web site, in early January 2019 for further information.

    * Once the RFT window is closed, request may still be made. The students will be placed on the wait lists established from the Priority Open Enrollment and RFT windows on a first come, first serve basis.

Last Modified on October 10, 2018