Before An Emergency

  • What Parents Should Do Before A Disaster Occurs?

    Be sure that your child’s Health/Enrollment Card (on file in the office) has accurate and up-to-date information. Make sure that you list emergency contacts on the card. The only people, other than you, who can take your children from school are those you list on the card. Inform these people that you have listed them as authorized persons to take your children in an emergency.

    Prepare your children. Let them know who might be picking them up if you are unable to do so. If you work out of the local area, be sure that your child(ren) understand that it may take you many hours or even days to reach home. Reassure them that they will be cared for until you arrive. Children who are prepared experience less fear.

During An Emergency

  • What Should Parents Do In The Event of An Emergency?

    Remain calm, because having your children at school is probably one of the safest places for them in the event of an emergency. School personnel will remain with the children.

    Please do not call the school. If local phones are working, they will be needed for emergency personnel.

    Please do park several blocks away from school and walk in. Leave the streets adjacent to the school free for emergency vehicles.

    Go to the Student Release Center located at the tennis courts. You must sign out to have your child released. The staff will then direct you to your child. We count on you to support and follow our emergency student release procedures so every child can be accounted for.

    Volunteer to help. Report to the Command Center if you can volunteer to help with traffic, first aid, calming children, etc.

    If you are delayed and find the school has been evacuated, look for a notice posted in a visible location on the outside of the school building which identifies where the remaining children and staff have been relocated.

    Please save this procedure and keep it in an accessible location for emergencies. Please take this opportunity to review your family emergency plan with your child. If you do not have a plan in place, there is no time like the present to develop one and practice it with your family.