Degrees and Certifications:

Melanie Han

Hello all! I’m Melanie Han. I’ve been a 4th grade teacher here at West Valley since 2018 and I really love being a part of this community.

I grew up in CUSD and attended 4 different elementary schools in the district and 2 middle schools. I have a BS in Biology from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas and a Masters in Teaching English as a Second Language from University of San Francisco. I received my teaching credential also from USF. My first 4 years as a teacher were at Hyde Middle School teaching English language learners. How the time has flown!

Teaching is a big part of my life but in my off time, I weave on a floor loom, sew my own clothes, walk around the neighborhood, or just relax on the couch. I play cooperative board games with my friends, games like Spirit Island, Gloomhaven, and Lord of the Rings card games. When I have a lot of time off, I love to travel. I’ve lived in Hong Kong, Australia, France and Madagascar. Through a lot of painful hard work, I’m fluent in French. I’ve stayed on farms and I’ve learned to use farm equipment and milk goats. My husband and I traveled for a year through Europe, Asia and Australia/New Zealand. We spent most of that time hiking and eating fancy food. During the summers, we go on car camping trips to National Parks and natural hot springs. 

I always want to make learning hands on and relevant. I want students to know in their hearts that what they’re learning is valuable and useful and that they can be leaders for change.