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Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education at Faria starts with an exploration of our local environment through in house visits from the Youth Science Institute in first and second grades.  In third grade our students venture to the Sanborn location for the Youth Science Institute for a day, and they also have a one day outing to McClellan Ranch Park to study Stevens Creek with a hands-on field science experiment.  These activities supplement the FOSS science curriculum in the the Life and Earth Science areas.

In fifth grade there is a culminated experience in the Santa Cruz Mountains to explore our local area both in the day and in the evening. This program provides many opportunities for outdoor science exploration as well as the challenging personal experience of spending several nights away from home.

In 2019-20 the fifth grade students will attend Outdoor Science School at the Koinonia Conference Center which is run by the Santa Cruz Office of education.  We will be leaving on Monday and returning on Thursday. This four day adventure in science and personal growth is an exceptional opportunity to prepare our students for the future challenges of middle school.