School Site Council

  • School Site Council (SSC) – SSC is an elected committee. Its function is to annually approve and monitor the School Improvement Plan and Budget. The council is composed of eight or more members:  at least four parents, two teachers, one classified employee and the principal.

    The SSC meets on the first Thursday of each month in the Guided Learning Center (GLC).


    Our school site members are:

    • Principal:  Ann Kropp


    • Teachers:  Kshama Bhatnagar (2nd grade), Sharane Wiitala (4th grade) 


    • Classified Staff:  Rochelle Chu (Special Programs Coordinator)


    • Parent Members: Dong Liang (SSC President), Swati Dela Cruz, Zareena Hussain, Rachna Mishra, Megha Patel