Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Asselin


This is my 16th year teaching in CUSD and before that, I taught at an elementary school in Lima, Peru where I worked with some expatriates and national Peruvians to design and establish a Two-Way Bilingual-Immersion school where I was the first teacher.  In fact, this year, some of my first 4-year-old students are now finishing college!

I grew up all over the US including Hawaii, where I developed my love for the beach & all things water! I also attended junior high at an international school in Belgium where I was able to visit some of the historical places we were learning about in class!  This is where I also began to develop my love for languages & cultures.

My Husband & I have five children who are now all out of our home, but we were still able to get together a few times this summer to enjoy some kayaking, white-water rafting, hiking, and laughter together!

Now…  After all that, I am SUPER excited to come back to teaching at the elementary level here at Sedgwick and looking forward to a very successful and fun year with my new second graders!