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  • Meyerholz Elementary PTA - Your parent-teacher organization serving ALL of Meyerholz including Neighborhood, CLIP, & Special Day Class

    Hi Meyerholz Community, 

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year.  We are very fortunate to have an engaged parent community, and Meyerholz Elementary PTA plays a big part in that by serving all students at Meyerholz including CLIP, neighborhood, and special day class.  During these uncertain times, we wanted to let you know that as volunteer parent leaders, we are here to support our school and you.  We miss seeing all of your faces and would love to hear from you.  A few reminders to help keep our Meyerholz community strong:

    • Join Konstella to connect with your classroom parents and the overall Meyerholz community.  Many classroom and school-wide PTA communications will go through Konstella and it's the best place to receive the latest updates on school events.  Be on the lookout for an email invitation or log into your Konstella account and add yourself into your student’s new classroom.  To be added to Konstella, please contact your teacher or Room Parent directly or email lucy@meyerholzpta.org with your name, email, and student(s)' name and classrooms.
    • Sign-up to volunteer virtually in your classroom or for other virtual Meyerholz events.  Meyerholz Elementary PTA coordinates and funds Room Parents, Project Cornerstone, Science Fair, Book Fair, Parent Education and many community events.  Contact your teacher or email lucy@meyerholzpta.org if you would like to help.
    • Renew or join the Meyerholz Elementary PTA as a member.  As one of the largest PTA schools in Santa Clara County, your membership offers you access to parent education and discounts, and part of your membership dues fund partners in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. who advocate on your behalf for better educational outcomes.
    • Donate to Meyerholz Elementary PTA during our fundraising campaign later on in the school year.  YYour monetary donation funds critical programs such as technology in the classroom, teacher grants to facilitate distance learning, supplemental reading and science kits, formal art class/teacher, music class, parent education, community events, and school-wide assemblies.  The success of our well-rounded program is dependent on your financial support The success of our well-rounded program is dependent on your financial support.d
    • To participate in any PTA events (Community events, Science Fair, Sports, etc) please sign PTA waiver here:



    Lucy Howng   lucy@meyerholzpta.org

    Meyerholz Elementary PTA President                          

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  • Join Konstella, our PTA communication platform.  Stay connected to all things Meyerholz including Room Parent communication, classroom volunteer opportunities, school-wide events, and the latest updates.  All Meyerholz Elementary PTA information plus Room Parent communication will go through Konstella.  

    Join Konstella!  For instructions, click here.  


  • The Meyerholz Elementary PTA provides funding for programs that simply would not exist due to lack of state funds.  Our PTA supports Art, Music, Science, Assemblies, Teacher Appreciation, Parent Education and the list goes on and on.  Your financial contribution is critical.  Find out more on how you can help by clicking here or Donate Today!


Why is the Meyerholz Elementary PTA so important?

  • Leadership. Fundraising. Advocacy.

    The Meyerholz Elementary PTA supports, advocates, and funds many programs at Meyerholz. The PTA strives to foster a healthy partnership with teachers, staff, students and parents and to promote active involvement from our parent community. As part of striving for these goals, each year the Meyerholz Elementary PTA supports Meyerholz Elementary by raising funds that supplement what is provided to the school from public funds received from the state.  The Meyerholz Elementary PTA sponsors the largest Meyerholz annual fundraiser (Annual Campaign) of the year and provides leadership and guidance for numerous enrichment events.  The programs we fund include Music, Art, Technology, Library, Science Fair, Assemblies, Parent Education, and many other programs.   For a comprehensive list, please check the What our PTA Funds page.  Without the financial support and manpower contributed by the Meyerholz Elementary PTA and the Meyerholz community, many "standard" programs such as Art, Music, Library, Technology, and other critical programs, would not exist.  Please click here to understand why it's important to support the fundraising efforts of the Meyerholz Elementary PTA and click here to have your voice heard as a member.