District Enrollment Information

  • This section contains information from the Board listening sessions, demographer's reports, enrollment,  past Community Advisory Committee meetings and more.

    Between November 14, 2019, and January 9, 2020, the District will hold a series of five Board Meetings, each at a different middle school. At these meetings, the Board will receive information about the enrollment trends and projections of their and their elementary school “feeders”.

    The community will be provided an opportunity to give input directly to Board Members about the information shared. The site-based Board Meetings are conceived as “listening sessions.”

    Over the course of this school year and beyond, conversations regarding the District’s declining enrollment and budget challenges will continue. It is our hope that by holding community-located Board meetings, the Trustees will hear data about each feeder pattern, consider public comment and ultimately, be better prepared to set criteria for making decisions going forward.