Eighth-grade student accounts will be suspended on September 1 after they graduate from CUSD.***

    Eighth-grade student accounts will be deleted any time after December 1 of that same year.

    For students who leave before eighth-grade, their account will be suspended when they leave the district. However, their account will not be deleted for one year in the event they choose to return.


    If any student wishes to download all of their work they may do so by following the directions below. (See below separate directions for making a copy of a Google Site the student may have created.)

    Student saving their Google Files

    1. Create a new folder in your Google Drive. Give it a name like Saved files from Teacher Name Class or xxGrade/Year work. Be unique so you can identify it!
    2. Move or copy the files you want to save to that new folder you just made.
    3. Depending upon how much you are saving, you may do this at several different times.
    4. Make sure you have all the things you want to be copied over to this folder.
    5. In Drive, go to the three dots next to the trash can > click open > slide down to select Download
    6. WAIT while it prepares the download.  Depending on the number of files, it can take minutes.
    7. When you see the 'Save As' pop-up, use the arrows to select where on your computer to save this folder. 
    8. Again, depending on how much you are saving, this could take some time.
    9. Find the file you just downloaded on your computer.
    10. You can now copy that file to an external hard drive or copy the files up to your personal Google account
      1. If copying to your personal Google Account you must logon to your personal account
      2. Verify the 'google convert' setting is the way you want*
      3. Unzip the file that was downloaded by double-clicking on it, this will create a folder that matches what you created as your folder in your school Google Drive
      4. Click New > Upload folder and select the folder you just unzipped.
      5. Consider your upload choices: Upload folder will upload the folder you just unzipped. If you pick Upload file it will open the Folder and let you select which document to upload. You choose once the folder is on your computer. And know depending upon how much you are uploading, it may take a while. 


    • *There is a setting in Google Drive that either converts your files to the Google format or not. 
      • Google Drive > Click Settings (gear icon) > Settings > General > Convert uploads.
      • If 'Convert uploads' is selected--blue and checked = Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format. If gray and not checked = keep document formatting.
      • For example: If you say convert, you will convert a PowerPoint slide deck into a Google Slides file. Be careful. This will most likely lose the PPT formatting you created on your PPT slide deck. If you don't convert, it can 'hold' your PPT. You can then download it in an MSFT environment.
    • Only "Download" one folder at a time- it's easier to see what you're working with


    Student saving Google Sites they created

    • If a student wishes to make a copy of their Google Site on a personal Gmail account before leaving the district, please follow the following steps:
      1. Go to your current cusdk8 site and log in.
      2. Add your personal Gmail account as an owner.
      3. Log into your Personal Gmail account and go to your cusdk8 website URL.
      4. Go to Settings - Manage Site.
      5. Look for the 'copy this site button' and make a new copy of your website. 


    ***Eighth-grade students--special note--email accounts will be turned off on the last day of school.