School Site Council

  • School Site Council (SSC)

    Each school has a School Site Council (SSC) which is a representative group of parents elected by the community members, and staff elected by teachers and classified employees. The SSC meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 8:00 AM in Room 24 (Wet Room). SSC meetings are open to any interested community member and the agenda is posted 72 hours prior to the meeting on the front door of the school.


    School Improvement Program (SIP)

    SIP is a state-funded program intended to provide individualized instruction to meet the needs of each student, and come up with a plan to improve student achievement. A school plan is developed every year and describes the priorities, goals, objectives, and activities for the school year. The School Site Council monitors progress of the school plan and assesses all programs offered by the school. SIP funds are budgeted with the approval of the School Site Council. SIP funds enable the school to hire support personnel and provide special programs, instructional materials, and equipment.