• The CUSD Board of Education

    The District is governed by a five-member Board of Education (Board) whose primary function is to act as the District's policy-making body.  It establishes the District's goals and policies and is charged with ensuring a quality educational program for students in grades TK through eighth in accordance with state law and input from the community.  The Board also engages in a number of oversight roles.  Each Board Member is elected by the community at large and serves a four-year term. 

    The Board delegates the administration of the District to a professional administrative staff headed by the Superintendent.  Action can only be taken when the Board is in formal session with a majority of its members present; individual Board Members do not have the power to act independently in the name of the Board. 

    CUSD Board Protocols and Procedures (updated: April 2021)

    For further information on the Board's Roles and Responsibilities, please refer to the CSBA website.