• The School Site Council (SSC) is a team of administrators, staff members, and parents working toward school improvement and excellence in education throughout our campus and with all grade levels.

    The mission of the School Site Council (SSC) is to develop, review, assess, and annually update a plan for school improvement. This plan, known as the Single Plan for Student Achievement, is developed from district, state, and federal guidelines and tailored to meet the particular needs and priorities of our school. The plan shows the comprehensive strategy that will be followed to provide the highest quality educational program for all students. It emphasizes school goals and how we will successfully achieve each goal.

    Stevens Creek receives supplemental educational improvement funds from the School Improvement Program (SIP). The law that created SIP requires each participating school ensure that the interests of the different segments of the school community are represented in the school improvement process. The SSC is also responsible for consulting with administration on the school budget for the School Improvement Plan that grant funds given by the State for accomplishing the aims of the Single Plan for Student Achievement.

    The members of the SSC include the school administration, approximately two teachers, one other school staff member, and approximately four parents of students attending the school.

    Please check our school calendar for exact dates and time.