Learner Focused Classroom

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    The Learner Focused Classroom

    The Learner Focused Classroom is a community where ALL students experience authentic tasks that provide opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and self-assessment.  This model, developed in 2015, serves as a guide to help identify what we want to see in our classrooms.

    The Learner Focused Classroom consists of the following: 

    • Opportunity for Innovation
      • Students create original work for personal and group expression
      • Students apply existing knowledge to generate and connect new ideas across content areas

    Opportunity for Innovation example - Maker Space Overview:

    • Voice
      • Students engage in discourse throughout the day using academic language with classmates and experts beyond the classroom
      • Students contribute to classroom culture and school community

                                    Student Voice example - Social Media Overview:


    • Choice
      • Students have opportunities to engage in inquiry-based learning
      • Students are encouraged to decide how to share their thinking and learning

    • Critical Thinkers
      • Students challenge and question what they see
      • Students are able to justify their approach to rigorous tasks with evidence

    • Problem Solvers
      • Students will persevere in relevant and challenging tasks
      • Students will use effective and efficient strategies to meet learning outcomes
        • Problem Solvers example - C-Lab Overview:

    • Self-Assessment
      • Students set goals and monitor their progress over time in effort to meet clear learning targets
      • Students can reflect on their learning and identify next steps
        • Self-Assessment example - Literably Overview:

Common Core State Standards

  •  California's Common Core State Standards for English and mathematics remodel the state's education system. They replace outdated ways of learning, keep the best of what we have, and help students learn step-by-step the skills they need to receive a world-class education. Children will participate in hands-on learning, which help them develop the critical thinking and analytical skills they need to deal with an ever-changing world.

     CCSS Resources for Parents and Guardians