ParentVUE Parent Portal

  • ParentVUE is a web portal that allows our parents access to their child’s current information.  This may include access to attendance, grades, communication with teachers, and more.  

    You will need an activation key to create your account.   

    ParentVUE Login:


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get an activation key?

    If you did not receive an activation key, pleasse check with your school secretary. Please note that the activation key may not be entered on a mobile browser, you must use a laptop or desktop at this time.

    What do I do if I forgot my password? 

    Click on the "Forget your password?" link.

    What do I do if I forgot my username?

    Try your primary e-mail address. If that doesn't work, please contact your school site.

    If I have more than one student enrolled in the district, will I need to set up an account for each student?

    No, if you are unable to see all of your students, please contact the school where the student is missing.

    Why can't I see my child's Test History?

    If you are using the ParentVUE app, Test History is not available at this time.

    How do I make sense of the scores I see in test history?

    View this page about testing and assessment.

    My child recently took the ELPAC. Why am I unable to see my child's ELPAC score?

    ELPAC scores are not posted until we receive the official score from the state.