General Information about the Parcel Tax

  • On May 6, 2014, voters of the Cupertino Union School District approved Measure A that calls for the renewal and consolidation of both the Measure B and C parcel taxes.  Measure A maintains the same rate previously approved by both Measures B and C.  Measure A is an eight-year parcel tax of $250 per year effective July 1, 2015 and expiring June 30, 2023.  It continues to offer the same exemptions as previous measures.  A parcel is defined as any unit of land in the District that receives a tax bill from the Santa Clara County Tax Collector's Office.   

    The funds collected from the parcel tax can only be expended on purposes approved by the voters.  One element of the parcel tax is the implementation of an independent Citizens' Oversight Committee to provide accountability.  Click here to view the full text of Measure A.

    For additional information, please contact the District's business office at (408) 252-3000, extension 61-323.

Citizens' Oversight Committee

  • One element of the voter approved parcel tax was to voluntarily implement an independent Citizens' Oversight Committee. The purpose of this committee is to provide oversight and accountability to ensure the expenditures funded by the parcel tax are spent in a manner consistent with provisions of the voter approved measure.  The committee meets annually to certify District expenditures and generate an annual report to the community.  

    Specifically, funds are used to:

    • Protect outstanding core academic programs in reading, writing, math and science
    • Retain highly qualified teachers
    • Keep schools safe, clean and well-maintained
    • Keep libraries up-to-date and retain music and art programs
    • Provide updated classroom technology for a 21st-Century education

    If you are interested in serving on this important committee, please contact the business office at 408-252-3000, extension 61423, for an application.  All members are Board approved and serve a term of two to three years and no more than three consecutive terms.  The committee meets one to two times a year, most often in October or November.  Thank you.




Exemption/Refund Information (Optional)

  • Exemptions to the Parcel Tax are available to Seniors, Contiguous Parcels, and residents with an SSI Disability. If you fit one of these descriptions, follow the steps below:

    • Download the form by clicking on the Exemption type you qualify for
    • Print and complete the form
    • Gather the required documents
    • Either mail paperwork to the address on your form or bring all paperwork to the address on your form

    If you need help or have questions you may call (408) 252-3000 ext. 61-323.

    Senior Parcel Tax Exemption:  Community members qualify for this exemption if they are 65 years of age or older on or before June 30 of the current tax year, are the owner of a parcel within the Cupertino Union School District, and that parcel is their principal residence. The senior must live in the home as of July 1 of the year the tax is due.

    Contiguous Parcel Exemption:  The contiguous parcel exemption allows a property owner to combine adjacent parcels (parcels that share a common border) into one taxable unit. These combined parcels must also be used solely for owner-occupied, single-family residential purposes.

    Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for a Disability Exemption:   Community members qualify for an exemption if they are receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for a disability, are the owner of a parcel within the Cupertino Union School District, and that parcel is their principal residence.  The community member must own and live in the home as of July 1 of the year the tax is due.

    First Time Applicants:  To apply for a refund for the current fiscal year (July 1 to June 30), you must first have paid your current tax bill in full.  Please submit your exemption application and all supporting documentation to Cupertino Union School District, Attention Fiscal Services, 1309 S. Mary Avenue, Suite 150, Sunnyvale, CA 94087.  Note:  No refunds will be issued for the current fiscal year after June 30.   If you have any questions, please call (408) 252-3000 x61-419.

    To Renew an Exemption:   Any homeowner already exempt from the District's parcel taxes does not need to reapply for an exemption every year. 

Citizens' Oversight Committee Fiscal Reports