Principal's Message

  • Norma Salas, Principal


    Regnart is a TK-5 neighborhood elementary school. It is located in Cupertino in a residential area of mostly single-family homes. The majority of parents work in professional occupations throughout the Silicon Valley. We average about 500 students a year assigned to a little over 20 classrooms. The staff enjoys working with the Regnart community and teaching the children who come prepared to learn. Regnart has earned the reputation of providing a fine academic program. We are especially proud of how well our parents and staff work together to offer our students a balanced educational program that emphasizes high academic achievement while providing our students with opportunities to learn art, music, and character development.

    We have a very active Parent Teacher Association that runs many of our before, during, and after school programs. Tech Club, Math Club, Music, Art Docents, and Running Club are among the many programs offered by the Regnart PTA. In addition to this, our staff members and the City of Cupertino support our students with other extra-curricular learning programs such as the Puzzle Club, Lego Club, Flag Football, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Chess, and 3D Printing. We are committed to offering a variety of programs which will support our students into becoming well-rounded individuals.



    Norma Salas