Galapagos and Little Blue

  • From left to right

    Top Row: Mrs. Patel, Mrs. Tamondong, Mrs. Viswanatha, Mrs. Barboza, Mrs. Yee

    Front Row: Mrs. Ng, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Kim

    K/1 2019

    We are so happy to be your children's teachers and can not wait to get started. Teaching is a joy for all of us and we look forward to each day in the classroom. Thank you so much for letting us be part of your families' lives. Although kindergarten and first grade are an integral stepping stone between preschool and the upper elementary grades, it is important to remember that school should be fun, engaging and full of adventure. Of course, we plan to ensure that your little one will be fully prepared for the academic challenges that are coming up, but we are also dedicated in creating a peaceful, loving and exciting classroom family that will create life long learners as well as foster a community spirit. Our children are learning how to live in this world. Let us teach and model to them that a loving heart, a strong mind and a kind and empathetic disposition are attributes that are important and valued within our community.

    We all deeply believe in the multi-age classroom and are excited that you have committed to the philosophy of Murdock Portal. As you know, the multi age classroom is not just a room filled with kids of different ages. Rather, it is a highly organized and thoughtful approach designed to take advantage of the diversity and strengths of the children. The multiage classroom is designed to give every child the opportunity to find success on his or her own path of growth.

    In our villages, children progress along a continuum of simple to more complex material and stay with us for two years (from kindergarten through first grade.) K/1 students interact with curriculum independently and in smaller collaborative groups. At Murdock-Portal, self-help skills are strongly encouraged as is a growth mindset. Our students have an opportunity to become mentors to their peers. This is a powerful, positive experience for all of our students. We look forward to creating villages full of learners, teachers, artists, mathematicians, scientists, writers and philosophers!

    Our number one priority is your child and we know that together we will have a wonderful year!

    Pinky, Nancy, Lissa, Staci, Mark, Lori, Crystal and Jamie

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