• Regnart Elementary School is excited to introduce Dero ZAP Walk Bike Carpool – an incentive program sponsored by the City of Cupertino.  The program aims to promote healthy habits and reduce traffic around schools. Dero ZAP is an automated commuter tracking system, which utilizes RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology.  Students sign up for a free zap tag and keep track of their trips online.  All participants will be entered in weekly and monthly prize draws and a grand-prize draw at the end of the school year.


    How does Dero Walk Bike Carpool work?

    The students will have a zap tag (like a luggage tag attached to the backpack), which is read by the unit. The zap info is uploaded to the Dero server automatically. Every time a student walks, bikes or carpools to school, they will walk under the DeroZap unit (a solar powered RFID tag reader) located between the GLC and the PE shed. They hear a “zap” to know they have been counted for the day. Students can monitor online how many trips/miles they have accumulated, how much CO2 they have reduced, and how many calories they have burnt. No personal information is recorded on the zap tag, so privacy is protected. We ask that students only “zap” if they actually walked, biked or carpooled to school in order to keep the leader boards accurate. The prize draw winners are randomly selected, so zapping more does not increase the chances of winning a prize.


    Signing up for Dero Walk, Bike, Carpool

    You must fill out and sign the parental consent form and return it to school. When we receive the consent form we will give the student a zap tag. Your student must then register their Dero Zap tag online in order to view trips/miles and to win prizes.

    If you prefer that your student cannot be identified on the public online Dero leader boards, make sure they choose a username other than their real name.

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