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Parents (ParentVUE)

ParentVUE offers access to the student and classroom information and different types of communication from the school or district for each child. Parents see their children’s information only and cannot see other students’ information. StudentVUE is nearly identical to ParentVUE.

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Parentvue login

When will ParentVUE be accessible to families for the school year?

Unless otherwise shared by your school site, ParentVUE will be open to families beginning 4 pm the day before the first day of school.

Why can't I find the report card in ParentVUE?

Report cards for students in grades TK - 5th can be found under the "Documents Tab" in ParentVUE not the "Report Card" tab. Please click here for detailed instructions.

I'm being asked for an activation key for ParentVUE, how do I get an activation key? 

You should have received an email with an activation key. If you no longer have access to that email you can still use ParentVUE. At the login screen enter the email that the District has on file for you as your User Name and click on the "Forgot your password" link. Follow the directions in the email you receive, see below for details. If you did not receive an activation key, please check with your school secretary. 

What do I do if I forget my password for ParentVUE? 

Click on the "Forgot your password?" link. Enter your primary email address and you will be emailed a link to change your password. If you have lost access to the primary email account, or can’t remember which account you used, please complete this form.

I clicked on "Forgot your password" in ParentVUE and never received an email response. What do I do? 

First, check to be sure you are using the primary email account that you used when activating your ParentVUE account. If you can’t remember which account you used, please complete this form. Second, in order to access your CUSD ParentVUE account, you must go to the Cupertino Union School District ParentVUE Portal:

What email address is the ParentVUE "Forgot your password" email sent from? 

The email will come from Please make sure it has not been blocked or categorized as spam from your personal email provider. 

If I have more than one student enrolled in the district, will I need to set up  a ParentVUE account for each student? 

No, if you are unable to see all of your children in ParentVUE, please contact the school. 

How does a student log in to StudentVUE?

Students should sign in with:

User Name: 6-digit student ID number (do NOT include

Password: Same used for Google