Murdock-Portal Parent Info Meeting & Open Enrollment

  • In the Cupertino Union School District, we have four alternative elementary schools.  These four schools are also known as "schools of choice"; Murdock-Portal is one of these alternative elementary schools.  We serve the entire Cupertino Union School District's attendance area.


    CUSD Registration Requirements   CUSD Registration Information

    Penguin  Click HERE to sign up for Murdock-Portal's Mandatory Parent Information Meeting 

    Parent Information meetings begin promptly.  If you arrive late you will be asked to re-register for a future meeting.  Parking is impacted, and you are advised to arrive early.  It's a parent-only meeting, no kids allowed.

    What is Murdock-Portal?

    • Multi-age grouping
    • Learn in Villages
    • Unique Calendar


    Why choose Murdock-Portal?

    How are we different than your neighborhood and other Alternative Schools?