• What is a McAuliffe School Tour?

    A School Tour is your time to witness the workings of our classrooms on a first-hand basis. Please come tour! While participating in a tour is a requirement for enrolling your child(ren) in the program, we have found it will definitely aid your decision making. Is the McAuliffe program something you and your family can commit to? 


    Your tour will consist of a group of like-minded interested parents and a volunteer McAuliffe Tour Guide. Our Tour Guides will escort you through several grade-level classes to observe for a few minutes. We ask that you quietly note the classroom atmosphere and the student activities so as not to disrupt the classes in session. In between classrooms, note the learning areas and how we incorporate all aspects of our campus as learning zones.


    As you take in the activities that make a day of learning here at McAuliffe, please take note of the parent volunteers. Many of the dynamic aspects of our program are only possible with the consistent contributions of time and effort from each family. Each classroom blends the knowledge and skill of the teacher with the willing hands and energies of the parent volunteers to support the varied learning environments of the students throughout the school year.


    Our well-informed Tour Guides will answer questions you may have or they may need to take your inquiry to a staff member. We work together to provide you with accurate information about our program.


    Please do not bring any children to the School Tour.  You will be observing classrooms that are actively engaged in the learning process. We practice being respectful of our teachers’ and students' time and energies always.


    Please click here and look under School News for the current schedule of School Tours.


    Note: Tour and Information Session attendance records are maintained for two years. If two years have passed and then you decide to participate in Open Enrollment, you would have to re-attend a School Tour and Information Session to be eligible.