Kindergarten Word Cloud
  • McAuliffe Kindergarten is learning how to work and play well with others. We implement the Responsive Classroom approach to social curriculum with morning meetings, sharing, group activities and our morning message. Hands-on learning is practiced every day in every subject—writing, math, science, social studies, art, music, cooking, gardening, and physical education—because learning by doing is powerful, fun and effective.

    Choice time is integral for children providing opportunities for them to practice important collaboration skills with others. Our instruction and curriculum adapts to the developmental uniqueness of kindergarteners. We seek and advocate for children the nuances between independence and support.

    McAuliffe Kindergarten is a fundamental learning environment for our parent community too, as here they begin to use and practice the words and techniques unique to our parent aiding model.

    Field trips abound! McAuliffe Kindergarteners explore beyond the classroom walls. Some examples of field trips are—Apple Orchard, Post Office, Project Look! (Art), a farm, a pumpkin patch and more!

    Our team shares a vision, a language and a delight in who kindergarteners are…come join us!