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Modernization Updates


March 15, 2019 Update:
Attached are a few photos of our progress so far.  Abatement and demo are complete and we are beginning to put things back together.  There have been a few unforeseen obstacles to overcome but we are still right on schedule!

Februay 22, 2019 Update:

When you return from the February break, our campus will look very different!  The wing housing rooms 12-15 will be fenced off and under construction!  During this time, we are temporarily losing some parking spots as well so will not have on-campus parking available for parents. I apologize for this inconvenience.  Thanks for bearing with us as we go through our "transformation"! 

Things you should know: 

  • The parking lot at the front of the school is CLOSED TO ALL PARENTS, except for using the drop off lane.  
  • All parking spaces in the front are reserved for staff since we are losing the parking lot on Rodonovan.
  • The side parking lot on Rodonovan Drive is for Construction Company only-no staff or parent parking
  • Classroom relocations:
    • ​Matheny/rm. 12 moving to P3 (temporary portable on blacktop)
    • Blair/rm. 13 moving to room 35
    • Barry/rm. 14 moving to P2 (temporary portable on blacktop)
    • ​Ralston/rm. 15 moving to P1 (temporary portable on blacktop)