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Balancing Enrollment


Thank you all who have engaged in discussion on the CUSD board priority of balancing enrollment and how it provides the Meyerholz community an opportunity to engage in an investigation into the Future of Meyerholz.

A major goal of ours is to employ in a transparent process with all stakeholders. So, if you missed the last community meeting, you can access links embedded to a brief presentation, general notes taken, and notes from our Q & A session.  If you would like access to the questions from the google form that was generated, you can access them here. If you have more questions, please enter them the into this google form.  We will also publish the questions that were generated at the meeting once that data has been entered.

The 3 main ideas that were shared regarding the process of ‘The Future of Meyerholz” were:

  1. NO decisions have been made AND at this point, everything is a possibility
  2. Stakeholders (parents/staff) will drive a transparent process
  3. Equity of voice and engagement in the process  is a top priority  

Our next step will be to email a community survey to gather input on what processes YOU would like to participate in, to structure the exploration of opportunities related to the balancing enrollment priority.  Examples could include: community meetings, establishing working groups, surveys, using existing parent groups, other great ideas, etc. You can expect this communication in early February. In addition, Thursday, February 8th @ 7 PM in the GLC Superintendent Dr. Craig Baker will be holding a Community Meeting to discuss balancing enrollment across the district.  This evening will have an emphasis on how balancing enrollment relates to CLIP.  We will hold another community meeting on March 1st @ 7 PM with a focus on the Meyerholz Neighborhood program. 

Thank you all for your future engagement in this process. If you should have feedback on this process, please contact me directly. My door is always open - here to serve.


Mr. Coleman