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Free COVID Testing at Meyerholz

We are excited to share that CUSD is expanding our testing sites with Inspire Diagnostics to continue providing free COVID-19 testing.  Our goal is to provide our CUSD community an option inside the district for those who need to get tested because they are symptomatic, they were exposed to COVID-19, they are staff members that are unverified for being fully COVID-19 vaccinated, or they would like periodic testing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 


We encourage students and staff members who are fully vaccinated to periodically get tested too! 


The test is a self-administered PCR nasal swab test.  Staff members and parents/guardians will need to sign up for testing.  (Elementary parents will be asked to assist their school-age children).  I have attached the detailed instructions on how you will collect a specimen so that we can overnight ship it to the lab.  Test results should be reported within 24-48 hours of the lab receiving your results.  


You must pre-register each person you want tested prior to arriving at the testing site. 

  • Insurance information must be provided if the student/staff has some type of insurance.
  • Some type of ID such as Driver's license # or ID # will be needed for those without insurance.
  • Must enter valid email/phone # in order to receive the test result properly.  Please follow the links below to get registered based on your primary location.  
  • You will receive a QR code either on your phone or via email that says “proceed to swab” if the pre-registration was successful.  You MUST bring this with you when you come to get tested. 


Click the link or scan the QR Code below to access the registration site. Register at the site you work or where your student attends. 

  CUSD COVID testing registration


No appointment required, simply go to the one of the testing sites.


Click here for Testing Locations and Schedules 


Testing will not be available on Holidays and School Breaks

Test results will be sent to the valid mobile number and/or the email address you used to register.

Questions?  Please contact: Your site staff nurse or Kari Ito-