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Parent Education Sessions Awareness of Mental Health in Children - Register Now

Children these days are under more stress and face many more complex situations than most of us faced at their age.  Parenting children in these troubling times can be difficult. Montclaire has invited The Taarika Foundation* to deliver a series of parent education sessions focusing on awareness of mental health in children and adolescents. 

Session One: Done Get Mad, Learn to Manage Your Child’s Defiance
Wednesday, November 14 - 7pm - 8:30pm in the Montclaire GLC
Space is limited - Register Here


Future Sessions:

Wednesday, December 12 - Stress Management in Children

Wednesday, January 23 - Tech Savvy Parenting

Wednesday February 27 - Self Esteem & The Growth Mindset - How to Learn from Failure


*The Taarika Foundation is a non-profit group focusing on awareness of mental health in children and adolescents.  There will be four sessions to start, each focusing on a different aspect of mental health. You do no need to attend all four sessions to participate.