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CAASPP Testing for Grades 3-5 - April 22 - May 17 **Don't forget your Headphones

CAASPP Testing - April 22 - May 17

CAASPP will be taking place between April 22 - May 17. Please avoid scheduling medical or dental appointments during school hours during this window. Short-term Independent Study Contracts will be denied for students in grades 3-5 during the testing window.  ** Emergency Short-Term Independent Study requests will be evaluated by the school principal on a case-by-case basis.


California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress
Summative Assessments and California Science Test

Each year, students in grades three through eight and high school participate in the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP).

This year, your child will take the following test(s), depending on their grade level:

  • Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments for English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics in grades three through eight
  • California Science Test (CAST) in grades five and eight

The Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments and the CAST are online tests that measure what your student knows and is able to do. Testing is untimed, and sessions are scheduled throughout the day. Assessments will consist of computer-adaptive sections that adjust in complexity in response to how well each student demonstrates mastery on test items. In addition, students will participate in performance tasks designed to measure problem solving and application skills.

Schools across the state of California are transitioning to a new set of learning standards in science, and our district is in the process of vetting new instructional materials to support student learning in science. The CAST is a new assessment this year, bridging districts to the Next Generation Science Standards.

Along with data and observations from classroom teachers, Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment results and CAST results help identify strengths as well as gaps in knowledge or skills so that we can support your child’s next learning steps and success. Results do not impact a student’s course grades or determine whether or not a child will progress to the next grade level. We look forward to reviewing our students’ results as one measure in a broad portfolio of progress and we anticipate being able to share these findings with you at the onset of next school year.

To help your child get ready for the test, I encourage you to:

  • Talk about the test with your child and make sure they are not scared or anxious
  • Encourage your child to put forth a good effort
  • Take a practice test with your child
  • Balance testing days with plenty of time for play, exercise and downtime at home
  • Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and a nutritious breakfast before testing

If you have questions, please contact Principal Luvara.

Resource for Parents/Guardians

Please help your child prepare for this testing period by making sure your child is:

  • getting a good night’s sleep each night
  • eating a good, healthy breakfast each day
  • arriving to school on time each day
  • having a positive attitude toward the test

You can also visit the District’s testing website to explore the CAASPP resources, which include an informational video as well as practices tests.