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Principal's Special Announcements

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am writing this letter to announce that I will be transitioning as principal of D. J. Sedgwick Elementary School effective June 30, 2019. I am excited to share that I have accepted a position in the District Office supporting our community engagement office and dawn to dusk programming. I will continue to stay connected in CUSD, but in a broad way. 

It has been my honor and privilege to have served as your principal during my three years at Sedgwick. Please know that all of you have made an impact and impression upon me, and I am a better leader because of our shared experiences.  I have definitely enjoyed my time with your children every day while on campus and during after-school activities.  As I routinely say on our morning announcement, I care and love each one of them and know that they all will help enhance and change our world for the better.

Thank you to the Sedgwick Staff who has continuously with a sense of urgency worked with a can-do attitude to educate all learners. They have also challenged me to be the best I could be, the Sedgwick Learners, who challenge me every day to do great things for them because they deserve it, and the Sedgwick Community who has supported me each and every day in doing what is best for kids.

Currently, the district is working to find my replacement, and I will work with your new leader to ensure a smooth transition for learners, staff, and the community. The next principal will be fortunate to be joining such an amazing community.


Daric Jackson