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8th Grade Technology Questions & Answers

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8th Grade Technology Q & A


Q- How do I save my CUSD Drive information?

  A- You need to log into your CUSD Google Drive  from a computer then download everything you need on the computer(you can download folders at a time). After your download is done,  log out from your CUSD account and log into your personal Google Drive and upload everything to your personal account. I know it is going to take time but that is the only way for now.


Q-When will my google account/email  be shut down?

  A- Google drive on Septmeber 1st and Email a day after school.


Q- When do I pay if I’m missing IPad accessories or my screen is broken?  

  A- When you drop off your IPads


Q- The form asks about missing iPad accessories. Before the lockdown I gave you my keyboard         for repair and I never got it back.  What should I fill out on the form?

  A- You may add that to the “Comment” section.


Q - If I have my own I-pad, when will it be wiped clean of school-based apps?

 A- The date is not set yet but it will be sometimes in summer. When that happens you need to go to “Setting-> General->Reset->Erase All Content and Setting”. Please back up before the reset.