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Parent Quote:

"The no homework policy is just such a great thing for kids. We enjoy family time and fun things in the evenings since there is no pressure of homework. Especially for me as a full time working mom, I am so grateful for no homework."


Based on extensive research and their own experiences, the staff at Blue Hills have decided to modify current homework practices. Beginning early April, teachers will not be assigning "homework" other than the expectation to read nightly. We do encourage families extend the learning in meaninful, relevant ways. Family game night, trips to museums, and book clubs are a few examples of how this time given back to families can be spent. Being a family of learners and spending quality time together is beneficial for all!

Read more about our new homework updates in Principal Prouse's letter available under the 'Academics' tab of our school website. Also found on that webpage are grade level resources to extend the learning. 

The following articles support our beliefs about homework and our new practices. Please spend a few minutes reading it to better understand our position.


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Extend the Learning