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Blue Hills is SAFE!


  1. Please adhere to all traffic signs posted in and around the campus. The ‘No left turn’ from the parking lot to DeSanka and stop signs at crosswalks are critically important for student safety.
  2. Please avoid dropping your kids exactly at 8am which means students are late by the time they walk to their classrooms. Give yourself plenty of time in the morning to drop off a few minutes early.
  3. Every car needs to pull all the way forward as much as possible when dropping off and picking up children. Do not unload or pick up students anywhere near the trash dumpster. This is not a safe loading/unloading zone! Pulling up to the front also lets the traffic volunteers see drivers and their vehicles-to know each other and support each other!
  4. Traffic volunteers have the right to report vehicle violations to the sheriff department and send a pic of the license plate at (518) 885-6761.