Criteria for Provisional Appointment

Criteria for Making a Final Decision on the Selection of a Provisional CUSD Board Member Appointment

Trustees were asked to share with the Superintendent their desired candidate attributes in selecting someone for a Provisional Appointment to the Board of Trustees:

  1. Experience in Leadership Role with some focus on Student Issues:
    1. In CUSD, FUHSD, other school district(s) or youth-serving organization(s).
    2. In District Committees, Parent Organizations, etc.
    3. With students, in a school or district, child services, family community services, etc.
    4. In Community or community organizations
  1. Good understanding of school district, including strengths and specific challenges we face

  2. Diversity of Board Member Backgrounds
    1. Range of perspectives, but not necessarily “representative”
    2. Education/Policy Background
    3. Connections to the larger community

  3. Personal Characteristics  - perhaps assessed through peer recommendations/references
    1. Flexible
    2. Collaborator/Compromiser/Team Player
    3. Good communicator
    4. Committed to all kids
    5. Focuses on District Goals and Priorities
    6. Maintains confidentiality
    7. Is passionate about public education
    8. Can fulfill time commitment of Board Membership